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Tux ErlebnisWorlds


Dive into the fascinationg world of water!

Here the visitors will experience the fasinating and unique world of water. Already from afar you will see the “floating faucet”, which is also the starting and ending point of the hike.

How much water does a human need? What are thermal springs? These are questions that are answered along the way. You will need courage and skill at the large waterfall swing and the shooting with water pumps. This hike is exactly right for all adventurer who love natur!


“World of animals”

Marvel, dicover and play!

Here you can dive into the fascinating world of animals. You will learn many new things along the different play stations for big and small. In the animal-world the different organism are explained to the visitor.

Who crawls there? Are appearances deceptive!? How many ants will you find in the animal rally? These are some questions that are answered along the way.

You will need balance to master the “Centipede” or scale the “Spider web”. The exploratory spirit will be called upon at the animal rally and the water games. All insect lovers will be totally exceited about this hike!



Experience nature with all senses!

Marcel, understand and recognize...Mother Nature has created an extraordinary and unique living environment for all of us.

Staring point of the naturworld is the middle station of the Finkenberger Almbahnen, from where the “Moorlehrpfad” starts. The special marsh soil can be tested at the marsh soil experiment. Take a short break at the “hanging chair” or at the “listening isle”, where the sounds of your environment are a lot more intensive. Almost at the end of the trail you will find the “relaxation isle” in a fairy-tale forest

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