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Skifahren im Herbst

365 days of slope fun – that’s unique for the entity of Austria! No matter if it is spring, summer, autumn or winter: The skiing area at the Hintertux glacier is ready for skiing. While the sun is shining in the village for the hikers, we will go skiing on 3.250 meter above sea level. 

The search of white gold

In the valley the hikers put on their hiking shoes while we are looking for the majestic glacier. We leave the autumn athmosphere in the valley and drive towards the glacier. Impressively it stands with its white tops. The anticipation for skiing in autumn grows.


Modern technique on 3.250 meter above sea level

“Have fun” says the lady at the check-out before we enter the glacier bus 1. With modern gondolas we float up the mountain until we are in the snow. Arriving at the ski station of the glacier bus 1 we meet the operator Erich Pfister who explains everything about the technology to us: “The highest cable car on just one steel rope in the world is at the hintertux glacier, the glacier bus 3. The construction of the station on 3.250 meter above sea level was a great challenge. Bringing the materials on the mountain was exhausting, and additionally the gondolas have to be wind- and weatherproof. Squalls are not rare in this height either. The 7,5 kilometer long steel rope with a 48 millimeter calbiber secures the gondolas.” After this interesting explanation we board glacier bus 2 and explore the ski area on our snowboards.

Tux_Winter33 (2)

Kaserer lifts – perfect for autumn skiing

We breath the clear mountain air as we leave the station of glacier bus 2. Not one cloud is in the sky – it is a clear day. Afetr we enjoyed the view we follow the signs “Kaserer Lifts”, an insider tip from a snowboarder.  After we followed the red slope 11 we reach the two ski lifts. Every skiier can find their perfect slope here in the glacier ski area: wide and smooth slopes for beginners and steep and narrow slopes for advanced skiiers. And on top of that the most beautiful view.


Refreshment at the Restaurant Tuxer Ferner

Skiing makes hungry. It is time for a break on 2.660 meter above sea level. We secure a table on the sun terrace in the Restaurant Tuxer Ferner. While we are waiting on our food we are enjoying the spectacular view. The restaurant is an absolute eye-catcher as well, with the traditional wood facade and the traditional virgin stone cover panels. The interior design is unique: comfortabel parlors made of wood, classy leather sofas in front of the fire place and a rustic bar with many details like snow flakes that dangle from the ceiling.  After the main dish we treat ourselfs to some coffee and apple strudel before we head back to the slopes.


Panoramic terrace and betterpark

Next stop: panoramic terrace! We take the glacier bus 3 onto 3.250 meters above sea level. After a few steps we reach the panoramic terrace from where you have a magnificent view over the mountains.  Sunshine and a clear sky make the panorama unforgettable. You can see the “Zugspitze”, the “Großglockner” and the Dolomites.  A highlight you should not want to miss. After that we  view we visit the Betterpark at the Olperer lifts.  There we meet Chris, who is responsible for the maintenance. The Betterpark in Hintertux is the biggest in Austria. The mix in obstacles makes the park unique. Many freestyle pros meet up regularly here, Chris tells us. After our talk Chris leaves to show us some moves on his snowboard.


We will come again!

Time flies and it is almost 4 pm. (The T-bars close ath 4 pm) We wedel to the glacier bus 2. While we float down the mountain in the gondolas we enjoy the sunset. The Hintertux glacier convinced us. The great choice of slopes, the huts and highlights like the panoramic terrace or the Betterpark make the snowboard fun unique.  No matter if you are a begiinner or advanced skiier.

A last viwe to the glacier ends our sensational ski day. The farewell is easy because we know we will come back soon!