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Trans-Alps route

The pfitscherjoch has been a transition for thousands of years. One of the most known and most famous trans-Alps bike routes goes over it. This is a must for every mountain bike lover.

Biker and hiker are seen on this route frequently. You can´t say who is seen more but one thing is clear: Everybody gets along.

Vacation with your bike and coming over the jacob´s bike-way
Once upon a time i was at the pfitscherjoch and wanted to know it. What you adk? To experience biking the trans-Alps route and to pair it with a vacation.
I wanted to go the route by myself to find some time for myself and my thoughts. Many say that you will meet many new people while traveling alone. So lets test it.

From Mittenwald over the Zillertal to Lake Garda
The actual route goes from Mittenwald over th Zilelrtal to Lake Garda. Beacause i´m lucky to live in the Zilelrtal, my starting point is Mayrhofen. I´m carrying a middle-sized bike backbag, my bike and a very important GPS.

The trans-Alps route
i cross the main chain of the Alps over the Pfitscherjoch on the first day. It is long asphalt ascent from Mayrhofen, which transition into a gravel road at the schlegeis reservoir. It has been fit for traffic since three years up to 2.248 meters. When i arrive at the joch, I enjoy the asphalt street to Sterzing (Italy9 and follow the bikeway through the Eisack valley direction St. Vigils – the gate to Fanestal.
After the dolomites i rech the red and green schimmering Catena di Lagorei, from there i´m taking the little ascent to Malga Toniola. I can already smell Lake Garda in Val Sugana and i take the last 1.000 meter altitide difference. After a challenging trail-descent i rech the bikeway from Rovereto towards Lake Garda.

Tips for equipment
If you want to cross the Alps with a mountainbike should have high-quality bike parts and accessoires. The weather can change within minutes, so you will need hard-wearing and high-quality biking cloth.