Sunset Relaxpool

More than just a hotel in Austria with an infinity pool

Here at the Tuxerhof, heaven is 15 metres long, 5 metres wide and heated all year round!

By heaven we mean, of course, our Sunset Relaxpool. Loacted at the very top of our hotel, on the fourth floor, it is kept at a pleasant 32°C and offers majestic views of the Tuxertal Valley with its lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains and starry night sky.

Open-air swimming

Fabulous views and warm water in the hotel's infinity pool

Accessible via a lift, the infinity pool on top of the Tuxerhof is kept at 32°C all year round and offers magnificent views of the surrounding region.

Breathe in the crystal-clear air of the Hintertux Glacier as you gaze out at the Ahornspitze, the largest mountain overlooking the village.

This 3D paradise is unlike anything else and a truly unique experience in the Zillertal Valley.

 "There is no better way to enjoy total relaxation on holiday than floating on your back and watching the clouds slowly drift past."

Roof terrace

Cosy recliners on our roof terrace invite guests staying with us to kick back and enjoy the view.

Bring along your Tuxerhof spa bag, put on your bathrobe and settle down with a good book - or simply close you eyes and enjoy the warm sun on your face.


Early-morning swim

There is no better feeling than completing a few lengths in the pool before breakfast. As the valley slowly begins to wake, you can work up an appetite and watch the sun slowly climb into the sky above the Alps. Early in the morning the air seems clearer than normal and the warm water soothes joints stiff from the previous day. The best way to start the day at the Tuxerhof!


Take the plunge!

  • 7:00 until 19:30
  • From 13:00 adults only (15 years +)
  • We kindly ask guests to respect the opening hours of the Sunset Relaxpool

Rooftop swimming?

A unique experience in the Sunset Relaxpool at the Tuxerhof!

Take the plunge in the 32°C water of the Sunset Relaxpool as you gaze out over lush meadows and craggy mountains in the Tuxertal Valley.

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