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Act sustainably

For a common future  

Here, in the heart of the Tux Valley, we not only celebrate the beauty of our surroundings, but also proudly take social responsibility for our community and our team.

Our connection to nature goes beyond mere environmental protection - we are guardians of the region and are committed to the well-being of our employees and local businesses. Tradition and progress go hand in hand for us. We treat resources with care, value our tradition and are constantly evolving.

For us, sustainability means working together for a better future - for our guests, the environment and the community.
Your host Andrea Schneeberger 
Truly sustainable

What does sustainability mean at Tuxerhof?


Feasting and relaxing with a clear conscience can be so easy. At the Tuxerhof, we therefore pay attention to the conscious use of resources - both economically and socially.

  • We are a team family. Fair working conditions and numerous benefits included.
  • We source our products from regional partners
  • Herbs and herbal salt from our own garden
  • "From-nose-to-tail" principle - we use the entire animal
  • WINTER: You can safely leave your car on site. The free electric sports bus will take you to your destination within the valley.
  • WINTER: Directly at the 1st ski bus stop to the Hintertux Glacier
Sustainable vacation in Tux

Where we act wisely

We see every meal as an opportunity to use food sustainably - be it at a team meal or on other occasions to ensure that there are no leftovers. Our team is usually happy about that.

The Tux sports bus is available to our guests in the immediate vicinity of the hotel free of charge.

If you arrive with your electric car, there are e-charging stations available in our underground garage (for a fee).

You will also find a Supercharger on the Tux Centre site in Lanersbach (for a fee).

In order to reduce the use of paper, we are happy to send your accommodation invoice by email in an environmentally friendly way.

In the front and back office area, we actively work to minimize paper consumption and rely on digital alternatives. To keep packaging waste in the kitchen to a minimum, we order bulk packaging as far as possible.

In our kitchen philosophy, we place particular emphasis on fresh natural products, ingredients that follow the rhythm of the seasons and close partnerships with local suppliers. In this way, we create an authentic culinary experience that reflects the diversity and quality of our region in every dish.

More about the cuisine


We not only work together, but also celebrate and invest together - for a strong, supportive community. Birthday and Christmas presents are just a small part of our efforts to celebrate the personal milestones of our team members.

Regular team events and a monthly get-together are just one part of our efforts. We also invest heavily in the individual development of each team member and place great importance on continuous professional development and targeted training.


We understand the importance of a good work-life balance and therefore offer flexible working hours and the opportunity to work part-time. Our family-friendly corporate culture not only promotes the individual development of our team members, but also creates a supportive environment for all stages of life.

More about our team


At off-peak times, such as from 10 am to noon, the cover of our infinity pool is closed. However, you can open it again at any time using the button on the exit door.

Take part

Making a contribution together

  • Save energy and switch off the lights whenever possible.
  • Use your towels several times.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
  • Open your windows completely for short periods instead of leaving them tilted for long periods.
  • You can also adjust the room temperature on the radiator thermostat to your desired room temperature.
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Family-hit weeks

07.09. - 28.09.2024
03.11. - 24.11.2024

A variety of offers and creative programmes ensure that there is no boredom on family holidays.

child care in the hotel

MINImaxi weeks in summer

07.09. - 28.09.2024
03.11. - 24.11.2024

Free accommodation for children up to six years of age in our family suites with separate children's rooms.

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September Bargain Week

31.08. - 28.09.2024

We give you a precious night with us! Enjoy a wonderful & versatile late summer with us at the Tuxerhof!

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from € 1.158,-
Spending precious time

Secure your sustainable wellness vacation in Tyrol now!

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