Yoga & meditation

Spend the yoga holiday of your life at the Tuxerhof

Many people have discovered the power of yoga and are keen to continue their ritual even while on holiday.

We understand why. After all, we are also convinced of the positive effects of the positions known as "asanas", especially when led by an experienced yoga instructor in a light and airy room given over to yoga and meditation. Here at the Tuxerhof we have just that in our fourth-floor HimmelREICH lounge. Come along, try it out and let yourself be enchanted!

"What you learn on the mat you take with you into daily life – and use it as a force for good." – popular yoga saying

At one with yourself

Yoga and meditation at the Tuxerhof

Wondering if yoga is the right thing for you? Try it out on holiay at the Tuxerhof! Yoga is perfect for all ages, for men and women, for beginners and experts. The aim is to gently stretch the body and achieve a state of peace both from a physiological and psychological perspective.

Here at the Tuxerhof we offer everything from early morning yoga, Moon salutation, Five Tibetans and Hatha Yoga to the chance to experience yoga with singing bowls and even yoga for children.

  • Yoga sessions all year round at the Tuxerhof
  • Free of charge for guests staying at the hotel
  • Suitable for everyone from beginnerst to experts
  • Please wear comfy clothing


Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a form of yoga focussing on the balance between mind and body. It uses a series of physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation to achieve this goal. Hatha means the energy for life which is needed to achieve true harmony between mind and body.

Sun salutation

According to Far Eastern tradition, the early hours of the morning are a special time particularly suited to yoga. Nature comes to life and the body's metabolism begins to work, preparing the organism for the day ahead. This is a good opportunity to positively influence the body, setting it on the right track for an enjoyable and productive day.

The sun salutation is a series of twleve yoga exercises (asanas) performed one after the other with a certain breathing pattern. The exercises invigorate mind, body and soul as well as loosening joints, muscles and ligaments and training the cardiovascular system.

Gentle yoga & Pranayama

Soothing movements – gentle breathing – quiet moments

Slowly and carefully we will approach the mind and body. A series of exercises results in the release of happy hormones and growth hormines, which have an anti-aging effect.

Tip! Perfect for beginners who want to try out yoga for the first time.


Hatha yoga is a form of yoga in which the balance between body and mind is sought primarily through physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. The individual postures are held for longer periods of time, which strengthens the body and works the deep muscles. Hatha means life force, which is necessary to achieve the actual goal.

Vinjasa flow yoga

Become one with your breathing. Every movement/exercise brings you close to yourseld and lets you appreciate the meaning of your actions. Excellent for reducing stress.

Regular sessions make your feet, knees and legs stronger, your hips and back more supple and give you a better and more upright posture.

The 12 Tyroleans

Learning movement from animals

The reality of many people increasingly takes place in a seated position: at a desk, in the car, in front of screens. The impoverishment of movement and the loss of the natural feeling for the body impair self-perception and the zest for life. The 12 Tyroleans offer fascinating counter-recipes: a whole world of movement copied from our closest neighbours: the animals - 12 exercises for body and soul.

Children's Yoga

We explore yoga in a playful way. The natural feeling for one's own body and breathing are perceived more consciously. Yoga strengthens self-confidence - also for our little yogis in the usually already hectic kindergarten and school routine!

Children's yoga promotes a child's creativity as well as gross and fine motor skills. Almost all yoga exercises have names from the animal kingdom and nature ( cobra, dog, fish, monkey.....), which appeals to the children's imagination. In the form of games and stories, the children thus get to know their bodies. 


Learn the art of meditation, from breathing and posture to performing certain exercises (asanas).

Enjoy the sound of silence and let yourself be inspired by the positive light leading you back to your inner balance.

Tibetan day
with singing bowls meditation

  • Five Tibetans: "Five Tibetans" refers to a series of five exercises aimed at maintaining a healthy body and mind. These exercises have been performed for centuries by Tibetan monks and cause the energy in the body's chakras to be harmonised. Each exercise is said to have particular benefits for the body and mind, from strengthening the immune system and smoothing the skin to avoiding prejudice.
  • Singing bowls therapy: overtones – leads to alpha state – deep reflection
  • SatSang – philosophy: talking, listening and reflecting together – cause and effect

Nidra yoga

Journey of discovery to your INNER SELF

Nidra yoga aims to achieve deep relaxation of mind, body and soul. It is characterised by easy yoga exercises and breathing exercises. Prepare for a journey of discovery to your inner self.

What you should know about yoga...

Yoga is good at any time!
According to the Far East, the early morning hours are even a very special and highly effective time for yoga. 

There is even a series of exercises called the sun salutation. This has an invigorating effect on body, mind and soul. The joints are mobilized, muscles and ligaments are stretched and the cardiovascular system is trained.

With a yoga session in the morning, the metabolism is boosted and the whole day can be positively influenced. It's all in the mind.

We answer this with a clear YES.

Yoga has a mobilizing and invigorating effect and thus also has a positive effect on their stress balance. With a combination of breathing, movement, relaxation and meditation exercises, yoga is of holistic importance for the body.

Do something good for yourself and your body and create a balance to everyday stress.
At the Tuxerhof we offer a varied range of yoga sessions throughout the year, which are equally suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

Yoga and meditation

Take your holiday to a new level in the Austrian Tyrol

Both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners can look forward to a range of yoga and meditation sessions at the Tuxerhof.

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