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Post-sport spa tips

The best ways to relax on holiday in the Austrian Tyrol

Sport and relaxation go together like snow and mountains. Here at the four-star superior Tuxerhof we invite guests to explore the amazing surroundings before chilling out back at the hotel ready to do it all again the next day.

Looking for a few ideas? In winter there is nothing better after a long day out and about on the slopes than a sizzling sauna session in our Alpine Spa covering 2,200 square metres or a few lengths in one of our heated pools. Those with energy left to burn can visit the gym. In summer we recommend relaxing in the garden or on the roof terrace. Or how about a bit of outdoor yoga?


One hotel, many options!


Soothe tired muscles

Studies have shown that sauna sessions have a cleansing effect on the body. Regular visits to the sauna are recommended by many physiotherapists.

  • Detox & cleansing
  • Reduces stress
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Helps with weight loss
Lovely bubbly!

Whirlpool at the Tuxerhof

The warm water of a blubbering whirlpool is the perfect way to relax and at the same time invigorate tired muscles. The underwater jets massage the body and relase any tension.

Tips for whirlpools:

  1. After your activity, take a little time to stretch your muscles and calm down your breathing before heading to the whirlpool.
  2. Make sure you drink enough.
  3. Stay in the whirlpool for a maximum of 15 minutes.
Deep heat

Infrared cabin for outdoor adventurers

1. BEFORE sport:

  • A passive warmup in an infrared cabin is a good way to increase the efficiency of your training session.
  • Warm muscles react more quickly; connective tissue and tendons are more elastic. 
  • Risk of injury and muscle pain are minimised, the training effect is increased.

2. AFTER sport:

  • Infrared heat kick-starts the body's recovery process after sport.
  • It reduces muscle pain and ensures a strong flow of blood to the tissue
  • Deep heat can even accelerate the healing process after injury.

for sports enthusiasts.

Yoga positions, known as asanas, have been shown to have a positive effect on physical and mental health. Our professional yoga instructors will be happy to show you the basics in our light and spacious yoga and meditation room with direct access to the terrace.


& meditation

  • Free weekly activity programme for Tuxerhof guests
  • Great way to round off a day in the mountains
  • Stretch, open and mobilise
Relax areas

The Tuxerhof offers plenty of space to chill out and "come down". Lie down on the deckchairs in our garden, swim a few lengths in our five pools, sweat it out in our six saunas, close your eyes as you relax on a warm waterbed, or let yourself float on the surface of the saltwater pool in our grotto.

Massage those muscles!

A few ideas for post-sport massage options at the Tuxerhof

Alpin Fit

Massage mix with foot reflexology, classic massage, acupressure and hot stones. The therapist will use each method based on your individual needs.

60 Min. € 96,-


Want to relax and invigorate your legs after intense exercise? This massage gives tired legs new strength and vitality. It concludes with application of a toning cream to make the effect of the massage more long-lasting.

Full body massage| 40 Min. € 68,-


Individual physiotherapeutic treatment to treat complaints of the joints, muscles and internal organs.

Abhyanga full body massage with oil| 30 Min. € 60,-
Shiroabhyanga face and head massage| 60 Min. € 115,-


Reflex zones on the feet are used to activate and harmonise the entire body.

40 Min. € 68,-
Work out at the hotel gym

Mobilise, stretch and roll!

Our hotel gym here at the Tuxerhof is the perfect place to work out on holiday.

As well as state-of-the-art machines, you will find plenty of yoga mats and Blackroll massage rollers to knead out any knots in your muscles.

Gentle options

Group activities for all ages

Check out our weekly activity programme. Here are a few ideas for gentle options perfect for relaxing on holiday:

  • stretching and mobilisation
  • gentle yoga (for the back or Pranayama)
  • vitamin infusion in our sauna
  • sound journey in the yoga room
  • Blackroll fascia training in the yoga room
  • salt & olive oil peeling in our steam room
  • ice and heat session in the sauna


Frequently asked questions on sport and relaxation

Our 70m² gym has a range of modern machines and weights as well as yoga mats and other gear for stretching and relaxing:

  • Cardio and strength machines by TechnoGym
  • Dumbells, kettlebells, fitness bands
  • Fascia roller & yoga mats

Our friendly trainer will be happy to show you how to use the machines.

Our rooftop infinity pool is normally open at the following times:

  • 7:00 until 19:30
  • From 13:00 "adults only zone" (guests aged 15 years and above)

We currently have extended opening hours on two days:

  • Every Saturday from 7:00 until 22:30

It really depends on your personal preference and on the kind of sport you do. Here are some ideas on how to relax at the Tuxerhof:

  • stretching and mobilisation
  • Blackroll fascia training
  • gentle yoga (for back or Pranayama)
  • vitamin infusion in our sauna
  • sound journey in the yoga room
  • Blackroll training in the yoga room
  • salt & olive oil peeling in our steam room
  • ice and heat session in the sauna

You can enjoy yoga either in our large yoga room with lots of natural light or outdoors in our garden. Or why not join others at the regular group sessions offered as part of our weekly activity programme?

There are a number of benefits of visiting the sauna after a sport session. The heat supports muscle growth and helps relax joints. A  raised body temperature also inreases the metabolic process and promotes cell growth. Further positive effects can be:

  • weight loss
  • cleaner, softer skin
  • improved blood circulation and cardiovascular performance
  • strengthens immune system during the winter months

No! Straight after sport it is likely that your heart rate will too high for the sauna. That can place too much strain on your body. We therefore recommend listening to your body and waiting until your pulse has more or less returned to normal.

Training leads to small tears in the muscle tissue. As these heal, the muscle becomes stronger. The faster this healing process takes place, the faster the muscle grows.

Going to the sauna after training relaxes the muscles and increases the flow of blood. This, in turn, helps soothe sore muscles.

It's really up to you! We love all our pools. The water temperature in our outdoor pool is kept at a steady 36°C, making it a great place to swim a few lengths in the fresh mountain air.

Sport and spa hotel in the Austrian Tyrol

The Austrian Alps are one huge playground where visitors are invited to get out and explore the region. The Tuxerhof weekly activity programme offers free group sessions for sport and relaxation. Use your holiday with us to try out a few new sports or stay fit in our hotel gym. Our morning newsletter provides information on the day's up-coming activities – perfect reading material over breakfast.

Room or suite, sport or relaxation? Here at the Tuxerhof it's up to you!

Move first, relax later!

Sport & recovery at spa hotel in the Austrian Tyrol

We look forward to providing oru guests with plenty of space for sport and recovery. Get in touch today and let us help you book your stay with us.

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